White House candidates struggle in cyber space


Now that social media has taken over the universe, 2016 presidential candidates are getting on board and exposing themselves to the online world. While they may believe social media to be a useful tool for rising in the polls, some don't seem to be as concerned as they should be about how exactly social media should be used for positive publicity. Especially on Twitter, these candidates are a great example of "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom." Here are some of the funniest and perhaps bizarre tweets by 2016 White House candidates.

Hillary Clinton (Democrat, running)

While some may view Hillary as a feminist powerhouse ready to change the world, she takes to Twitter to reveal her inner basic. She's all for implementing world peace and whatnot, as long as she gets to drink iced tea and rock a spirited tank while doing it.

Jim Webb (Democrat, running)

Webb wins extra points for conveying his compelling personality and charm via social media. Just kidding. It looks like he accidentally published his private notes to his Twitter account. Just because you're on a computer doesn't mean you need to speak like one.

Ted Cruz (Republican, running)

We can always count on Cruz to make sure we get the important facts straight.

Marco Rubio (Republican, running)

Of course it only takes 71 seconds to learn one of the most complicated international conflicts. Talk about simplifying for consumers.

Ben Carson (Republican, running)

In case his 3-word Tweet wasn't quite explicit enough, Ben Carson is officially running for President.

Carly Fiorina (Republican, running)

Will Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton be Twitter's new social feud? Better watch your back, Hil.

Rick Santorum (Republican, running)

It's not all political talk. Sometimes Rick Santorum just wants to stop at Whitey's for a milkshake!

George Pataki (Republican, running)

This governor is so over politics, so he's running for president! Help him build a stronger America and maybe he'll show us more of his killer hashtags.

Scott Walker (Republican, expected to run)

If he wins the election, maybe Walker will ride into his inauguration on his Harley! Also, killing the emoji game.

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