To find motivation and get that kick in the pants you need try these tricks

The #1 Strategy to Get and Stay Motivated

We've all had moments in our personal and professional lives, when it becomes difficult to stay motivated. Erica Diamond, the founder and Editor-in chief of the highly successful blog Women on the Fence, shares her number one strategy when you find yourself in this situation.

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15 ways to motivate yourself to wake up in the morning
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To find motivation and get that kick in the pants you need try these tricks

Drink less coffee

The more coffee you drink, the less effective caffeine becomes as a stimulant. Taper your coffee intake to optimize the effects of it's caffeine when you really NEED it!

Drink water before going to sleep.

By hydrating before you go to sleep you not only pump some well-needed H2O into your body, but also almost guarantee that you'll have to wake up in the morning if for no other reason than needing to use the restroom. It'll be nearly impossible for you to sleep in!

Use Technology to Your Advantage.

We know you've heard this a thousand times, but staying fit and healthy generally leads to a better sleep cycle. And a better night's sleep will lead to a happier, early morning for you! Try tracking your sleep activity and fitness with a watch like the iHealth Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker (AM3). It'll help you know when you've gotten a good nights sleep. 

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Establish a routine.

Practicing a pattern of routine before bedtime will help you in the long run. Get yourself in the habit of a nightly and morning routine to save yourself the pains of switching back and forth between schedules. 

Give yourself enough sleep time.

You know you need at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night! Don't try to fool yourself. Waking up will be easier if you've gotten your necessary snooze time.

Make yourself comfortable.

We all understand incentives, right? Well, a great morning incentive is waking yourself up to your favorite breakfast food or drink. Better yet, both! Make yourself comfortable in the morning-- get yourself out of bed.

Place your alarm clock away from your bed.

That way you can avoid getting angry and smashing it with a hammer, or, bare minimum, hitting that pesky snooze button. By placing your alarm clock across the room, you've got to get up to turn it off-- no point in laying back down after that!


Now, this may not motivate you to get OUT of bed, but it will probably make you feel a bit more rejuvenated for the day. Try this small trick and see if it works for you.

Invest in an alarm clock that works for you.

If you REALLY can't motivate yourself with a regular alarm clock, you might need to invest in something a bit more high tech, like the Zadro Natural Wake Up alarm clock. It uses a light that naturally gets brighter in the 60 minutes leading up to your wake up time, acting like the sun. You can also choose to wake up to typical alarm sounds or some more soothing ones, depending on what gets you out of bed in the morning. 

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Lay out your outfit the night before.

It'll save you time and effort in the mornings, giving you more time to make those pancakes we mentioned earlier.

Power down electronics before bedtime.

Removing the screen at a reasonable time will help your body realize it's time for sleep, i.e. it's actually dark! Also it'll motivate you to go to bed sooner because you'll have less to do (hopefully!).


Add meditation to your morning routine. Take the time to collect your thoughts, breathe deeply, and relax before your start the day. Many will find that this quiet time is calming and something to look forward to in the mornings.

Stay away from alcohol the night before.

We all know that drinking heavy amounts of alcohol before bed time messes with our sleeping patterns. If you're truly dedicated to getting up feeling refreshed and awake, avoid late night wine and beer binges.

Let the sun in.

Keep your blinds up or partially open to let in natural sunlight. This is especially motivating for east-facing windows. The gradual sunrise is a gentle way to ease your way into the morning.

Shower as soon as you get up.

Taking a shower immediately after you wake up is a good practice. Use aromatic body wash to wake up your senses and switch between hot and cold temperatures to jump start your circulation.


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