Texas cop attends teen's graduation after parents die in car crash

Texas Cop Attends Teen's Graduation After Parents Die
Texas Cop Attends Teen's Graduation After Parents Die

A Texas high schooler lost his parents days before he was set to graduate, but he wasn't alone when he walked across the stage.Kazzie Portie's parents died in a motorcycle accident on May 24. Lt. Eric Ellison was one of the first officers on the scene and broke the news to Kazzie. Lt. Ellison made sure he was there for another life changing moment.

Lt. Ellison was the first to congratulate the 18-year-old when he walked across the stage to accept his diploma. The photo of the embrace has since gone viral.

Kazzie's brother, Blake Henning, posted a video of the moment on Facebook showing fellow graduates giving the two a standing ovation. The video has been viewed more than 150,000 times so far.

The caption reads, "So proud of you @kazz418 I love you so much. Throughout all of this you have been so strong and we are so proud of you. Thank you for being such a great brother. I am so excited to see what the future holds for you. I know mom and bubba are so proud of you."

Kazzie told BuzzFeed the special moment meant everything to him.

"Seeing Officer Ellison there to congratulate me meant the world to me. It was so nice to see that he actually showed a genuine care for me and my family's situation instead of us just being another 'case.'"

His peers also expressed their support. One classmate tweeted, "I'm so proud of our class. Especially for being so loving and supportive for Kazzie and his family."

Kazzie's story definitely tugged on our heartstrings.

Katherine Albers tweeted, "This story made me cry at my desk. Congratulations to Kazzie and kudos to Officer Eric Ellison."

After the graduation, Ellison says he's optimistic about Kazzie's future, saying, "Sometimes life is not fair but you have to go on and I think Kazz is going to do that."

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