Remember #TheDress? Well, here comes #TheHair

This Girl's Hair Is the Biggest Color Mystery Since "The Dress"
This Girl's Hair Is the Biggest Color Mystery Since "The Dress"

Abu-Obied's boyfriend is absolutely stunned when he discovers that the woman's hair changes color as she passes from one room to another.

The video has been posted and shared on Facebook and sites like Buzzfeed and Distractify, but -- spoiler alert -- there's really no magic behind this 'mystery.'

Those who have taken a physics class, or who may be just very observant, will tell you that different types of light bulbs shine have subtle variations in their color.

This is because the parts of the bulb that give off that glow determine the color and quality of the light.

Tungsten bulbs glow orange and fluorescent lighting gives off a green tint. Halogen lights burn a little blue.

The color temperature of the light dictates what color we see.

We may not notice the difference much in every day life because the human eye and brain work together to keep what we see consistent and correct the variation naturally -- but, video cameras can't do that.

A camera setting called a "white balance" tells the camera what the color white "is" and records images accordingly.

If the color temperature of the light changes, the setting doesn't change with it, meaning that the objects illuminated by lights burning at hotter or cooler temperature will appear to change their hue.

Even knowing this information, Abu-Obied's boyfriend's reaction is pretty entertaining.

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