Maria Bartiromo will be LIVE on AOL BUILD to talk about career and much more!


When it comes to broadcast journalism, there are few who have managed to pave the way for generations to come and actually make a name for themselves. One of those instances is Maria Bartiromo. Today, Maria will be LIVE on AOL BUILD to talk about her career, and what is is like to join the ranks of AOL's MAKERS.

In 1995, a little-known journalist entered the New York Stock Exchange and became the first to report stories from the floor everyday. Today, Maria Bartiromo is the face of financial journalism.

She's won two Emmys and a Gracie Award and has just joined the ranks of MAKERS with her new video tracing her career. She currently is the Global Markets Editor at Fox Business Network, the anchor of "Mornings with Maria," and hosts "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo" on the FOX News Channel.

You won't want to miss Maria Bartiromo LIVE on AOL BUILD today, June 1, at 11 a.m. ET. Make sure to tune in LIVE on AOL BUILD as seen above, as well as's Periscope!