Johnny Manziel reportedly throws a bottle at an autograph seeker

Johnny Manziel Chucks Water Bottle at Harassing Fan
Johnny Manziel Chucks Water Bottle at Harassing Fan

After riding the bench most of his rookie season with the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel's offseason has already made headlines. The 22-year-old checked in and out of rehab over recent months, attempting to clean up his image and regain focus on escaping the Browns' backup role.

His fans aren't exactly helping him out.

At the AT&T Byron Nelson golf tournament in Irving, Tex. on Saturday, an 18-year-old fans reportedly harassed Manziel for an autograph. According to TMZ, Manziel threw a bottle at the fan, but missed. USA Today reports that one of the quarterback's friends then pushed the fan, but there was no other violence involved.

From that USA Today report:

"The only criminal offense that occurred was somebody that was in Johnny's group pushed the 18 year old. It was not Johnny, that's misinformation that's out there, and (the 18 year old) didn't want to press charges," said James McLellan, public information officer for the Irving Police Department. "It was a bunch of nothing."

If this story involved another NFL quarterback, perhaps it wouldn't even be a story at all. But Johnny Football is reaching Kardashian territory in terms of trendy headlines, so this story making rounds should come as no surprise.

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