Denver opens its first marijuana-friendly hotel

Denver Opens Its First Marijuana-Friendly Hotel
Denver Opens Its First Marijuana-Friendly Hotel

The decriminalization of marijuana in Colorado has made Denver a popular tourist destination and there's a new hotel capitalizing on the influx of tourism — becoming Colorado's first openly pot friendly hotel.

The Nativ, a boutique hotel located in downtown Denver, calls itself the Hottest Nightlife in Denver. It's not just the DJs and handcrafted cocktails that encourage the party atmosphere, but it's open policy for pot that sets the Nativ apart from the competition.

With rooms starting around $300 per night, the Nativ probably isn't expecting the slacker stoner crowd, but an upscale traveler who appreciates Colorado's marijuana policies.They even have a coffee bar that specializes in drinks infused with CBD, a cannabis derivative.

All rooms on the hotel's back side have outdoor patios for smoking cannabis. While the hotel is pot-friendly, no smoking -- of any kind -- is allowed inside. The Nativ does boast 24 hour room service, which seems perfect for a 3 a.m. case of the munchies!