Decoded: Yaaaaaas

Internet Slang Explained By Dan Rather
Internet Slang Explained By Dan Rather

Is internet slang as mystifying to you as it is to 83-year-old Dan Rather? Fear not, you can catch up on one easy word right here and right now. YAAAAAAAS you really can!

Seriously, the word you're about to learn is "yaaaaas" and it's key to expressing the appropriate amount of enthusiasm in daily Internet conversation. Simply adjust your level of excitement by adding or subtracting the amount of a's included.

It's easy! Scroll through some of the best YAAAAS examples below:

You're officially well-versed on the meaning and proper usage of YAAAAS (or yaaaaaas if you're feeling a little low-key this morning). Start giving your best YAAAAS to your pals today. Ready, set, go!

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