Birkin bag sets record for priciest bag purchased at auction

Birkin Bag Sets Record for Priciest Bag Purchased at Auction
Birkin Bag Sets Record for Priciest Bag Purchased at Auction

A Hermes Birkin bag that sold for more than $200,000 Monday set the record for the most expensive handbag ever purchased at an auction. What made it worth so much, you ask?

It might be the 18K white gold and diamond hardware and its Porosus Crocodile skin material.

The bag was bought by an unknown telephone bidder and was sold at Christie's in Hong Kong for $222,942.

The previous record was set at a U.S. auction in 2011 when a red crocodile skinned Birkin bag went for $203,150.

For that most recent record-breaker, $222,942 could buy ... a lot.

You could get about 743 Michael Kors handbags, 260 Louis Vuitton red pumps, or roughly 22 Apple Watches with the 18-karat yellow gold case and black sport band.

The Telegraph predicts this fuchsia bag won't hold the record for long, though. Christie's told the outlet a black version of the same bag is up for auction Monday.

To ensure this purse will make it safely to the buyer, Forbes reports it will be delivered by a Brink's truck.

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