Allison Janney made out with James Corden at Critics' Choice

Allison Janney Made Out With James Corden at Critics' Choice
Allison Janney Made Out With James Corden at Critics' Choice


Things got pretty steamy at the Critics' Choice Television Awards Sunday night when James Corden took the stage to present the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Allison Janney ended up winning the Critics' Choice ... and then some.

"And the Critics' Choice goes to, I think, one of the best actresses I've ever met. Allison Janney!"

Um, holy lip lock! Allison must have been really touched by James's compliment there!

Though we can't say we were entirely shocked to see Allison Janney swapping spit with a random celeb.

Apparently, Allison has some rules for her random games of tonsil hockey ...

"I only do it with, I'm not gonna do that with men who are married or women who are gay."

But she clearly tossed those standards to the wind when she laid one on James — he and his lovely wife, Julia, have been married since 2012. Whoops.

But as a writer for Bustle points out, "The two actors seem to be old friends — maybe it's because they're on the same network — so I'm sure it will be cool with Corden's wife."

Well, hopefully, Allison can eventually learn to keep her lips to herself. Oh, who are we kidding, we love her and her random acts of PDA.