Northern Canadian town will get 56 days of constant sunlight

Northern Canadian Town Will Get 56 Days Of Constant Sunlight
Northern Canadian Town Will Get 56 Days Of Constant Sunlight

Several Arctic regions have earned the name Land of the Midnight Sun, and in the small town of Inuvik, Canada, residents celebrate by staying out much later.

Their last sunrise was Sunday, May 24th and they won't see the sun set until Monday, July 20th, 56 days later. The midnight sun effect occurs where the Earth's axis is angled toward the sun during the summer months, making it visible 24 hours a day within each polar circle respectively.

The mid-year cycle means constant light for areas near the North Pole including Greenland, Alaska, and parts of upper Canada such as Inuvik which is within the Arctic Circle's boundaries.

However, this does mean a tilt away from the sun and constant darkness in the winter months which lasted for one month in Inuvik this past season.

According to the town's tourism manager, the population of about 3,400 residents is largely used to the extreme environment and have adapted accordingly.

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