Dave Grohl shares fan mail he sent when he was 14

Dave Grohl Shares Fan Mail He Sent When He Was 14
Dave Grohl Shares Fan Mail He Sent When He Was 14

Before drummer Dave Grohl hit the stage with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, he was a fan who idolized rockstars just like so many others.

Grohl shared a photo of fan mail he sent to rocker Ian Mackaye when he was 14-years-old. In it he asks the the Minor Threat and Fugazi frontman for "some numbers of people to get in touch with" because "it would help." Grohl, who is now 46, also leaves an area code-less number and the best time to reach him — which is after school and before bedtime, of course.

No idea if Mackaye ever got back to him with the info, but it looks like things turned out alright for Grohl. Even when you are a celeb, you're never too famous to express your love for another star the old fashioned way.

Al Pacino recently revealed that he has also sent fan mail — to Tom Hanks. He says he chose to take on a role in "Danny Collins" because it reminded him of the kind of movie that Hanks would pick up.

He explains, "I like the idea that Danny was someone who was a bit fragile in a way. Tom Hanks, who I'm a big fan of, I think he's a great actor - I've written him fan mail - I thought this is an opportunity for me to play my first Tom Hanks role... it inspired me."

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