35 clever projects that'll make it easier to part ways with your old denim jeans

By Make It and Love It

One of the hardest things to throw out (or donate) for me ... are jeans. Denim is such a thick and sturdy fabric that can be used for so many things, that I just can't toss it. I think all this denim collecting started when I was in high school. I collected all the jeans I could get my hands on, so that I could piece together a nice heavy denim quilt. I loved that thing! (Now that I think about it ... what ever happened to that quilt?!?! Dang.) But after the quilt was complete....the denim collecting never ended. Ahhhh, that's where it all began. Thanks for talking me through my therapy session -- I think I figured out why I'm a denim hoarder! ;)

Anyway, I was browsing around online and started collecting so many great ideas for using denim. And not just outdated lame denim projects ... these ideas are SUPER COOL!!!! And HIP! And look like so much fun to make!

Photo Credit: Make It and Love It

Denim DIY Projects
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35 clever projects that'll make it easier to part ways with your old denim jeans

DIY Denim Whale

Photo Credit: Valaan Villapaita

DIY Ruffled Denim Pillow

Photo Credit: Make It and Love It

DIY Child’s Apron from Old Jeans 

Photo Credit: Happy Hooligans

DIY Denim Chevron Pieced Pillow 

Photo Credit: Denim Do Over

DIY Old Denim Baby Bibs 

Photo Credit: A Maidenhair Fern

DIY Denim Canvas Art 

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

DIY Recycled Jeans Rug 

Photo Credit: Instructables

Denim Upholstered Chair 

Photo Credit: Legend Blues

DIY Denim Baby Bibs

Photo Credit: Thimbly Things

DIY Zippered Denim Bag 

Photo Credit: All Day Chic

DIY Old Jeans Drink Cozy 

Photo Credit: Fiskars

DIY Upcycled Denim Sunburst Art 

Photo Credit: Belrossa

DIY Jeans Pocket Garland

Photo Credit: Dukes & Duchesses

Twirly Jean Skirt

Photo Credit: Make It Love It

DIY Old Denim Chair Cushions 

Photo Credit: Michelle Made Me

DIY Denim Snack Bag 

Photo Credit: Between The Lines

Refashion those well-worn jeans w/ a cute UK flag design

Photo Credit: Make It Love It

DIY Denim Rosette Headband 

Photo Credit: Creations by Kara​

DIY Recycled Denim Placemats

Photo Credit: Today’s Nest

DIY Knotted Denim Rug 

Photo Credit: Eclectic Me

DIY Denim Tote Bag 

Photo Credit: Denim Do Over

Upcycled Denim North America Map 

Photo Credit: Etsy

Upcycled Pot Holder with Pocket 

Photo Credit: Alisa Burke

DIY Old Denim Bucket

Photo Credit: Curly Made

DIY Denim Heart Bookmark 

Photo Credit: The Cheese Thief

DIY Old Denim Ampersand Pillow 

Photo Credit: Ashbee Design

DIY Denim Baby Bibs 

Photo Credit: Becca’s Paper Cutz

DIY Denim Jeans UK Flag Patch

Photo Credit: Make It and Love It

DIY Jeans Pocket Pot Holder

Photo Credit: Aarnilintu

DIY Recycled Denim Poof 

Photo Credit: Michele Made Me

DIY Reversible Denim Tote 

Photo Credit: Snip Snap Happy

DIY Denim Lunch Bags 

Photo Credit: The Purl Bee

DIY Old Denim Flower Corsage 

Photo Credit: Tea Rose Home

DIY Denim Buckets from Jeans (video tutorial)

Photo Credit: Make It Love It

DIY Recycled Woven Denim Basket 

Photo Credit: Oh Oh Blog

DIY Bag from Old Jeans

Photo Credit: BRIT + CO

DIY Old Denim Pillow 

Photo Credit: BRIT + CO


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