2-year-old says goodbye to garbage man who was his first friend

2-Year-Old Says Goodbye To Garbage Man Who Became His First Friend
2-Year-Old Says Goodbye To Garbage Man Who Became His First Friend

To most people garbage collectors are strangers who stop by every so often to haul away trash, but a 2-year-old boy in Dallas considers his garbage man his first real friend.

Deacon Ross used to wait outside every Friday for his neighborhood garbage collector, who he calls O'Dee, to swing by ... but WFAA reports that their weekly meetings had to come to an end recently when the Ross' moved to a new street that's not on O'Dee's route.

Deacon's family helped him say goodbye with a quick celebration party.

Deacon isn't the only toddler to find friendship this way.

In March Quincy Kroner's dad says he was ecstatic when he got to meet his local heroes who happen to be two neighborhood garbage men. His father told The Huffington Post that the 2-year-old has always been fascinated by the giant garbage truck and meeting the two men who operated it was a priceless moment. As you can tell by his face, he could hardly handle it!

And a trash collector in California surprised a 5-year-old boy with Autism when he took the trash, but left something special.

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