Man takes his dying dog around America for an epic goodbye

Man Takes Dying Dog On 7-Week, Cross Country Road Trip
Man Takes Dying Dog On 7-Week, Cross Country Road Trip

Saying goodbye to your best friend isn't easy.

So when Thomas Neil Rodrigues found out his beloved pup only had a few more weeks left to live, he decided to give his dog, Poh, a trip of a lifetime.

In 7 weeks the pair took an epic road trip, visiting 35 cities along the way. Rodriguez told ABC News that "It was a great trip. I got to spend seven weeks with Poh. At first, I did not think he'd make it two weeks, but he did."

Poh, who is 15, was adopted by his owner when he was just 8 weeks old. After doctors told Rodriguez that his friend of over a decade might now have much more time, he quickly took off on their last journey.

Poh's "bucket list" included taking a dip in the Pacific Ocean for the first time and getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Safe to say that this furry friend is one lucky pup.

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