You saw them at the BBMAs, but Jack & Jack prove they're still normal teens

Jack and Jack's Most Popular Vine
Jack and Jack's Most Popular Vine

Not only does dynamic duo Jack Johnson (not the "Banana Pancakes" singer) and Jack Gilinsky have 5.6 Vine followers under the username 'Jack & Jack,' but they also produce rap songs that top the Billboard Hot 100 charts. To top it all off, they're only 18 years old. Seriously though, what are the rest of us doing with our lives? These guys are crazy impressive.

They're so hot right now that they even attended the recent 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Anyone who thinks two teenage boys who gain fame and fortune through 6 second vines aren't legitimate clearly didn't see the Jacks chilling with T.Swift and One Direction on the red carpet. Jack J. said:

"It was awesome to be able to walk the carpet at such a prestigious awards show ... I think just being there, and sitting there and having people seeing that kind of helps bring a little legitimacy to you."

However, despite their awe-inspiring success, the two stay humble and grounded. Jack G. said:

"We've always watched it on TV obviously ... We're just grateful we could go because it's awesome to see it all come together behind the scenes. We had a lot of fun."

However, just when we think they're a couple of regular guys, Jack J. hits us with a bomb: "I've never had a cup of coffee in my life." Um, what?! So you're saying you churn out millions of Vines, produce multiple albums and music videos, and walk the BillBoard red carpet with zero caffeine in your system? Kid's gotta be a super hero or something.

But don't lose hope yet. While Jack J. might be running on natural adrenaline and making the rest of us look pathetic, Jack G. reels us back in with major nostalgia. "From first to sixth grade the only thing I had for breakfast was Honey Nut Cheerios no matter what." Aww, how sweet! Jack can't say no to the honey nut O's.

Despite their well-deserved fame and fortune, the Jacks keep it real by not letting the success get to their heads. They watch indie films, indulge in throwback hip hop music (think Biggie and Tupac), and even discuss the option of going to college one day. They're just a couple of regular guys, and we love them for it.

Click through this slideshow to see just how much love and support fans give Jack & Jack:

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