Wasp turns cockroaches into 'passive zombie'

Wasp Turns Cockroaches Into 'Passive Zombie'
Wasp Turns Cockroaches Into 'Passive Zombie'

A species of wasp found only in Thailand turns its prey into a "passive zombie."

According to a report by the conservation group WWF, once the insect's venom is injected into the cockroach's body, it blocks the receptors that control proactive movement.

As a result, the cockroach is still able to move but cannot control the action.

The wasp then takes the disabled target to a safe location to be eaten.

As the insect was discovered by a team from the Natural History Museum, Berlin, visitors were tasked with choosing one of four options for its name at a special museum event.

The public was brought in on this part of the process in an effort to engage others in environmental conservation and biodiversity.

The group ultimately decided on Dementor which is a reference to the soul-sucking beings from Harry Potter.

The black-and-red colored wasp is one of 139 previously unknown species found in the Greater Mekong region of Southeast Asia during 2014.

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