Tropical Storm Andres expected to become a hurricane

Watching Tropical Storm Andres Off of Mexico
Watching Tropical Storm Andres Off of Mexico

By: Weather Channel Staff


  • Tropical Storm Andres became the eastern Pacific basin's first tropical storm of 2015 just before 8 a.m. PDT about 690 miles southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico.

  • Andres is expected to strengthen to a hurricane Friday.

  • Rapid intensification -- an increase in sustained winds of 30 knots or more in 24 hours or less -- is possible over the next day or so, due to low wind shear and warm sea-surface temperatures.

  • Andres should curl toward the northwest in a day or so, and will likely remain well off the Mexican coast, eventually weakening over colder water early next week.

  • High surf appears to be the most likely indirect impact along the Baja peninsula, including Cabo San Lucas, this weekend into early next week.

  • Some high surf may eventually propagate to Southern California beaches next week

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