People in China try fortune cookies for the first time

What Happens When People in China Try Fortune Cookies for the First Time

Fortune cookies became widely associated with Chinese restaurants in the US after World War II, BuzzFeed explains in the video above. However, most people in China have never actually heard of them.

BuzzFeed brought a bunch of the famous-in-America cookies to Beijing to see what people thought of the treats.

The reactions were varied. "It looks like the egg roll in China," one woman said before gingerly taking a nibble. (That was actually the most common reaction, with a few other people asking if it was a weird version of the egg roll, or if it was made with egg.)

Others were reticent, saying they didn't want to take a bite. Some people accidentally chowed down on the fortune ... but hey, we've all been there.

The general feeling was that it was pretty crispy and tastes like a normal cookie.

Do you love fortune cookies or just toss 'em when they come with your meal? Ever get a really amazing (or freaky) fortune? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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People in China try fortune cookies for the first time
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