Ombré is passé - Beyoncé's hair colorist explains tortoise shell hair

Just when you thought you'd differentiated the sombré from the balayage, a new hair trend has made it's way onto the scene. It's called Ecaille, or tortoise shell in French.

The technique is a slightly darker version of your natural hair color paired with golden hi-lights and bursts of shine.

It's known as the more sophisticated version of ombré, because it too is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. The hi-lights and gloss atop this rich shade make for a multi-dimensional, bombshell look.

Beyoncé first set the trend back in January, courtesy of celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan.

"The biggest trend we'll see this year is a multidimensional tortoise shell with natural tones. I did this on Beyoncé at the beginning of the year – it's natural, yet dramatic and expensive-looking. Anyone can pull off this look because it's more natural and less maintenance – it's just about finding the right variation for your skin tone."

This technique is not just for brunettes, it's stunning on blondes as well. For olive skin tones, Hazan recommends darker shades like honey and caramel. For lighter skin, lighter colors like platinum, golden blonde, and baby blonde work best. "Tell your colorist you want a multidimensional blonde that's golden, but not orange," she says.

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