Jack & Jack reveal where they want to be in 5 years

How Jack Gilinksy and Jack Johnson Became Jack and Jack?
How Jack Gilinksy and Jack Johnson Became Jack and Jack?

It's been two years since Nebraska BFFs Jack Johnson, 19, and Jack Gilinski, 18, discovered their talents for posting humorous Vines, which earned them 5.6 million followers under the username "Jack & Jack."

Seeing as how they completely blew up in the realms of both social media and music in only two years (they're beating One Direction in the race for Z100 Artist of the Summer, so like...), it's pretty crazy to think about what they might accomplish in the next five.

Don't worry though, the biffles don't plan to change things up too much. All change-fearing fans shall remain calm. The duo knows what you love, and they plan to keep delivering. Jack G. said:

"we're going to be continuing to do what we love which is make content for our core fans, meet as many fans as we can and continue to put music out because right now, I mean, we're just having the time of our lives and that's exactly what we're doing."

So basically fast forward five years and the Jacks will still be throwing out hilarious Vines, only we'll see a luxurious beachfront complete with a low-key yacht chilling in the background. But actually, it's pretty insane how far an iPhone and sense of humor has taken these guys. We can't wait for what's to come. Jack J. said:

"We just want to get our names out there as much as possible whether that's in music, or in the acting space, or in comedy. So, I think we're gonna try to do it all, you know and we'll see what happens in that time span, but there's really no telling."

Both Jacks can sing, act, and spit on-point humor. Together, they're like a double-triple threat. They don't plan to get off their crazy ride to success anytime soon, so get pumped to continue following them through your college years and beyond. They won't let you down.

Click through this slideshow to see how much love Jack & Jack have received in the past two years:

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