Jack & Jack reveal how to succeed on Vine

Jack and Jack's Advice to Their Fans
Jack and Jack's Advice to Their Fans

While some high schoolers use Vine to distract themselves from boring daily routines, others use it as a tool to become rich, famous, and really really ridiculously successful.

Enter Jack & Jack, the 18-year-old Vine stars who gained 5.6 followers and an entirely new lifestyle just by being their hilarious selves. Who better to give advice for improving our Vines than basically the most successful Vine-enthusiasts ever? Jack J. said:

"We had to create a punchline, we had to create a climax within the vine at some point within the 6.5 seconds, which is pretty tough to do you know. I think it really does take a lot of creative skill. I think Jack and I have always been creative people and it really just drew out there naturally."

So there you have it. Come up with a winning punch line, hold audience attention with a climax at approximately 3.25 seconds in, and conclude it tastefully. Now you know all the secrets for becoming Vine famous!

Just kidding. It takes a bit more effort than that. According to Jack J., "making the Vines range anywhere from literally the 6 and 1/2 seconds...to something planned out that can take hours...There are definitely Vines that have taken us 3-4 hours, I'm sure, just to edit everything together perfectly."

For those of you thinking you can become Vine sensations on a whim, think again. Some of the most successful Vines take 3-4 hours to create. Now do you see why it can become a full-time job? It's legitimate and these guys really do deserve to get paid for what they're doing.

For the Jacks, though, it's all about pleasing their fans. They couldn't care less about the money. Jack G. said:

"We just saw that there were non-traditional celebrities, just normal High School kids, college kids, actually, massing these huge fan bases of millions of followers and they weren't even famous. We were like, 'Yo, thats kinda cool. Let's try that, let's just go ahead and try to captivate our friends and hopefully they'll show their cousins.' That's exactly what happened and it just kind of took off from there. That's why we chose Vine. We thought it was really captivating, so we wanted to try to captivate people on our own."

It's safe to say that the Jacks put their full hearts into their Vines. It's purely about communication for them. They use Vine as a device to show people who they are, to inspire people, to make people laugh, and to receive feedback in return.

This is the true key to becoming a successful Vine star. Do it for the fans and for yourself, not for external factors. Funny jokes, full hearts, can't lose.

Click through this slideshow to see how captivated fans are by Jack & Jack:

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