Google and Levi's partner up for fabric connected technology

Google ATAP: Your Next Wearable Could Be Your Shirt
Google ATAP: Your Next Wearable Could Be Your Shirt

Google was playing with its Project Jacquard at I/O, a new fabric technology allows manufacturers to build connected surfaces into clothing. Making it simple to connect devices, while actually allowing clothing brands to make items that are still fashionable. Levi has signed on to be the official first partner of this new project, which means you soon be wearing jeans that have a bit of a shock to them.

Earlier today, Levi's hit the stage with other clothing brans at the Google I/O ATAP presentation today, and explained why they decided to take a swing at this new technology. They essentially are looking to make it simpler for consumers to use their devices in their daily lives.

Levi's is looking to create their own apps, but is also looking for a little bit of help from developers who know a bit more about the tech side of things.

As of now, the partnership seems to be fairly new without any announcements to push any products out yet. Considering Google is working with a highly respected and fashionable clothing brand, this is a very good sign that we might soon see our jeans come to life in the near future.

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