Decoded: on fleek

The term "on fleek" is commonly used around college campuses, through social media accounts, or when discussing the perfectly shaped eyebrows of model, actress, and it girl Cara Delevigne. It's generally used to describe something as exactly right, perfect, legitimate, or exemplary.

While the term has been on Urban Dictionary since 2003, it didn't become a major social phenomenon until 2014 in a profanity-heavy (warning!) Vine posted by "Peaches Monroee." In the Vine, Monroee describes her eyebrows as being "on fleek" on her way to an event. From those 6 seconds, the millennial term that continues to crush the social media game was born.

While "on fleek" is generally used to describe eyebrows (what's up Delevigne), it has a variety of relevant uses:

"Girl that outfit is on fleek!"
"Eyebag game on fleek no sleep last night!"
"Italy's gelato game was on fleek when I went abroad."
"The orange juice to champagne ratio in this mimosa is on fleek."

Here's how some celebs are using "on fleek":

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