Decoded: Bae


In case you've been wondering about the abundance of "Bae" showing up on your Instagram feed this year, "Bae" stands for "Before anyone else." It's often used to refer to a significant other, a BFF, a family member, or even just a really really awesome sandwich. Whatever you put before all else in your life may be deemed your official "Bae."

In an attempt to determine the origin of "Bae," heavy debate has sparked. What we know for sure is that the term was coined in 2013 and erupted in early 2014 when Pharrell dropped the hit single, "Come Get It Bae." After that, there was no going back. "BAE" was everywhere from twitter hashtags to Tumblr captions.

The use of the term is pretty straightforward. As a noun, it generally replaces a name or item:

"I'm chilling on my new yacht with bae."
"I'm so excited to marry my bae since day one."
"The only baes in my life are named Tom and Jerry."
"Seriously though, Froyo is bae. Ice cream is so over."
"The new Yonce video is BAE!!"

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Click through this slideshow to see celebs hanging with their Baes:

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