99-year-old woman is flooded with birthday wishes after Facebook campaign

99-Year-Old Woman Gets 16,000 Birthday Cards from Strangers
99-Year-Old Woman Gets 16,000 Birthday Cards from Strangers

Usually when it's your birthday, you get a few cards, a present or two, and maybe a phone call from your aunt. This wasn't the case for one woman from London.

99-year-old Winnie Blagden, who turns 100 on Sunday, received 16,000 cards, more than 200 presents and bunches of flowers after a Facebook campaign was launched in her honor.

BBC Radio Sheffield found out that Winnie lost her husband, George, and the couple never had any children, so they took to Facebook to help her out as much as possible. The radio station soon became flooded with responses from people from various locations throughout the world willing to send Winnie a message on her special day. From the United States to Taiwan, flowers, gifts and cards soon flooded the radio station.

The station invited Winnie to a town hall celebration where she was overcome with joy. "Everything has been lovely, I'm not used to it," she told those who were in attendance, according to the Daily Mail. "I don't know why they're making all this fuss but I want to thank everyone, it's been beautiful," she said.

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