Woman attempting to become first to traverse the Pacific Ocean ... in a rowboat

Woman Attempting To Become First To Traverse The Pacific Ocean In A Rowboat

The Pacific is the largest of the planet's oceans, but to Sonya Baumstein it's just one more big body of water waiting to be crossed.

She intends to do so on a rowboat, just as she did with the Atlantic. If she succeeds, she'll be the first woman to complete the journey.

The vessel that will carry her, which she helped design, is made of carbon and measures 23 feet long.

She is in Japan waiting for the conditions to become favorable, and once they do she'll be hitting the water, alone and without a support ship. While on the water she'll have to navigate storms and large waves while keeping an eye out for bigger boats.

Seasickness will also be an issue, but probably only for the first month of the 4 to 6 it will take her to reach her San Francisco destination.

In that time she won't be completely cut off from the world, as she'll be able to be tracked via GPS and satellite phone.

For the time being, she's keeping people apprised of her plans and preparation via Facebook.

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