2 families make a shocking decision on 'The Briefcase'

Two Families Make a Shocking Decision on 'The Briefcase'
Two Families Make a Shocking Decision on 'The Briefcase'

On the series premiere of CBS's "The Briefcase," two hard-working American families were presented with an incredibly difficult question.

If you were given a briefcase full of $101,000, would you keep it, or would you give it to another family in need?

"Is this really my money?!" asked Kim Bergin on "The Briefcase."

Meet the Bergins and the Bronsons, the first two families to partake in this intense social experiment.

The Bergin family has been struggling financially ever since they had to put their ice cream truck business on hold after dad Joe was injured in a head-on collision a few months ago.

The Bronsons don't have it any easier. Dave is an Iraq war veteran who lost his leg and is unable to work.

And his wife, Cara, is pregnant and working hard as a nurse to provide for their growing family.

Both families knew they were participating in a documentary about money, but they had no idea the show's producers were about to hand them a briefcase full of money.

And when they each got their briefcases, as you probably guessed, chaos ensued over the agony of the decision they were about to make.

"You have to worry about your family first," Cara cried.

But in the end, both the Bergins and the Bronsons decided to give the other family the $101,000.

"Accept all $100,000," said Joe.

Of course, the decision to give their briefcase full of money to another family in need was a tough decision for both families.

But Cara Bronson told People she and Dave were "very comfortable" with their final choice. "I would do the show again in a heartbeat. We don't regret our decision at all."

But all's well that ends well — the Bergin and Bronson families are still friends to this day, and they even had a viewing party to watch their "Briefcase" episode together. Gotta love a happy ending.

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