Tim McGraw's pants stole the show at iHeartRadio Country Fest

IHeartRadio Country Fest: Tim McGraw's Pants Stole the Show
IHeartRadio Country Fest: Tim McGraw's Pants Stole the Show

The 2015 iHeartRadio Country Festival was chock full of incredible talent, big names and, of course, a whole lotta country fever.

But Tim McGraw was the one star who shone the brightest during Wednesday night's broadcast. And it wasn't for his singing.

No, it was all because of those incredible, skin-tight leather pants.

Tim's performance of "Truck Yeah" also included some impressive pyrotechnics and awesome guitar solos.

But all anyone on Twitter could talk about were those pants.

Some were shocked and even disgusted by their tightness.

And others were quick to give them two thumbs up.

Well, at least no one tried to rip them off like one fan did during a concert last year. You touch Tim's pants, you get slapped!

Well, no matter what your opinion on Tim's pants might be, we have to agree with Zap2it's observation here:

"Let this be a lesson that pushing 50 doesn't mean you can't own a stage and look amazingly good doing it."

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