This Illinois couple now has 100 grandkids

Illinois Couple Welcomes Their 100th Grandchild
Holy grandkids, Batman!

A couple recently celebrated the birth of their 100th grandchild. Yes, that is not a typo. 100 grandkids.

Leo and Ruth Zanger of Quincy, Illinois have 53 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. The birth of great-grandson Jaxton Leo on April 8 made the number 100.

Leo Zanger told their local paper, The Quincy Herald-Whig, that "the good Lord has just kept sending them." He says his family "could start our own town" and his wife Ruth mentioned "there's always room for one more." And you thought gathering your family for a reunion was stressful!

The 100 grandkids, along with aunts, uncles, parents and more rent out a Church hall for their big gatherings. Things do come up, but the family always makes time for each other, especially on "mandatory" holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Needless to say, Leo and Ruth are truly superhero grandparents!

Now that summer is almost here, click through below to get some great ideas for entertaining with your big, or small, family!

Katie Lee's entertaining tricks
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This Illinois couple now has 100 grandkids

Think beyond red and green.

"I like to go a little bit more on the untraditional route and not always stick to just red and green," shares Lee. "I’m absolutely obsessed with HomeGoods; I think it is the best place to go and put a table together because the prices are really affordable, but it is all designer brand names. You can have a table that looks like you spent a lot of money when you didn’t necessarily."

Image Credit: HomeGoods

Make edible centerpieces.

"I love flowers, but I think it is fun to do something a little more unexpected and something that can serve double duty," says Lee. "I’ll find a beautiful bowl and fill it pomegranates and sprinkle a little edible gold glitter on [them]."

She also recommends using artichokes, lemons or hurricane vases filled with split peas or lentils and topped with a candle. The best part? The next day, you can actually eat your centerpiece!

Image Credit: HomeGoods

Build a mismatched collection.

Lee pulls together tableware she's bought at yard sales, bought at HomeGoods, found while traveling or acquired from her grandmother -- for a look that's not at all "matchy-matchy."

"It looks like you built your collection over time and I think that has a cooler look than everything matching," she explains.

Image Credit: HomeGoods

Layer your look.

"What I normally do is [use] a table cloth that has a pattern and take two of the colors out of the pattern [and pull those in with two more table cloths], so that it all goes together."

Image Credit: Getty

Extend your table.

Katie often has trouble fitting everyone at her table, so she got innovative. She bought a folding table and a large piece of plywood, the same width as her table, from a hardware store.

Now, she just unfolds the table, tops it with the plywood, and sets it next to her normal table. A few table clothes cover the whole thing up.

"I have extra chairs that I mix and match in there, and it looks like one big long table but in truth, it’s not," she shares.

Image Credit: Home Goods

Go with a buffet, when you're hosting more than 6 people.

Katie recommends going with a buffet for ease.

"To have a sit-down dinner at the holidays is nearly impossible and it just creates so much extra stress for the host," says Katie. "I think if you have more than 6 people, family style becomes a little cumbersome as well."

Image Credit: HomeGoods

Set the table early.

"You can never plan too much. Make yourself a lot of lists and set the table the night before," Lee offers. "When it comes to your serving plates, label those with what you are going to put into them."

Image Credit: HomeGoods

Dine by candlelight.

"Everyone looks better in candlelight," Lee exclaims. "You can also play with Christmas lights — set them up around the room; They don’t just have to be for the tree."

Image Credit: HomeGoods


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