The crazy things celebs demand in their dressing rooms

The Crazy Things Celebs Demand In Their Dressing Rooms
The Crazy Things Celebs Demand In Their Dressing Rooms

The rich, famous and powerful get pretty much everything they ask for because, well, they're rich, famous and powerful.The list of celebrity demands is as weird and random as celebrities themselves. Cracked put together 23 of the most bizarre things A-listers have asked for based on submissions from readers. So, we don't know if they're 100 percent, true but they are still fun to imagine!

J.Lo, one of the original diva-mega-super-stars, is rumored to require everything white in her dressing room. White walls, white flowers, white furniture, white curtains, white candles -- you get the picture.

Living legend Cher allegedly needs an entire room for her wigs. Yup four walls and a door dedicated to creepy mannequin heads and piles of someone else's hair.

Funnyman Will Ferrell once supposedly demanded a three-legged scooter, a rainbow on wheels, a flight of rolling stairs and an artificial tree. We would have paid good money to see what those were used for.

Radar Online reports that Kanye demands an $8,000 bed for North in the greenroom and a personal chef to make Nori something delish. Yeezus also requires all white decor -- who does he think he is, J. Lo?

The Smoking Gun is known for nabbing tour riders for some of the world's biggest celebs. Soulful songstress Mary J Blige is all about the throne in her dressing room -- the porcelain throne that is. She demands a new toilet seat in every single city.

TSG also posted a rider for One Direction, way back when Zayn was in it. 1D demands dressing rooms that allow smoking, a personal training area backstage (because, health), delightful local food and soft toilet paper.

According to The Little Red Riders Book: The Backstage Requests Of Rock 'n' Roll's Most Famous Artists, Mariah Carey needs Cristal and bendy straws.

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