Senior's yearbook quote is going viral for the best possible reason

Gay Feminist Student Leaves One Heroic Yearbook Quote
Gay Feminist Student Leaves One Heroic Yearbook Quote

If you want to make a statement, publish an awesome yearbook quote at the end of the year.

Caitlyn Cannon, a 17-year-old recent graduate of Oak Hills High School in California, managed to shut down all yearbook quotes with one powerful phrase. She successfully included LGBT equality, the wage gap and feminism into a truly amazing quote.

A close friend of hers took to Twitter to showcase her friend's quote and it immediately went viral with 6,500 retweets and counting! Cannon told the Huffington Post that she gained the inspiration from a Tumblr post, but added her own spin with a female perspective.

Once the quote was posted to Twitter, people responded thanking Cannon for using her yearbook quote as a platform for those causes.

Those quotes will be in yearbooks forever! So if you are senior in high school, try and make an impact. If not, let us know what you would choose as your own yearbook quote in the comments below!

With high school graduation upon us, take a peak at the hilarious yearbook photos from a fellow band student!

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