Obama addresses major concerns and basketball in Twitter Q+A


This afternoon, President Obama took to the new @POTUS Twitter account to answer some questions for a live Twitter Q+A. He officially kicked off the live chat at 1 p.m. by addressing the hot topic of climate change, and he even joked about basketball with one Twitter user. The chat was composed of about 15 tweets total, and Obama covered a full spectrum of topics in the chat, from climate change and national security to basketball. He also made an effort to specifically addressed Pell Grants and student loan interest rates, mentioning that he is working on making two years of community college free.

Since the creation of the new @POTUS Twitter account on May 18, Obama has accrued over 1 million followers, becoming the first Twitter account to reach that many followers that quickly.
With that being said, although the official @POTUS Twitter account was created merely weeks ago, this wasn't Obama's first Twitter Q+A. He previously participated in Twitter Q+As in August and December of 2012 via The White House's official Twitter account.

Obama has clearly focused on climate change during his second term, and before the Twitter chat, Obama visited the National Hurricane Center in Miami, further emphasizing his concern for the issue.

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