Nine-armed sea stars found in Naples, Florida

Nine-Armed Sea Stars Found in Naples Florida
Nine-Armed Sea Stars Found in Naples Florida

Naples, Florida has a starfish problem -- but not the kind you're used to seeing.This isn't your average Patrick Starfish! These sea creatures are known as 9-armed sea stars, and thy look a bit different than the 5-armed ones that are normally depicted in movies and TV shows.

Though they're actually pretty common creatures, it's less common for so many of them to be found along the coastline.

The slithery animals are turning up in droves on the coast line, and some think it could be due to lowered salinity in the water from recent storms.

Sea stars are a species of star fish, though they aren't even really fish to begin with. According to the Smithsonian, the arms lengths on sea stars can reach up to six inches.

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