Mariah Carey slams 'American Idol': 'Worst experience of my life'

Mariah Carey Slams 'American Idol': 'Worst Experience of My Life'
Mariah Carey Slams 'American Idol': 'Worst Experience of My Life'

If American Idol is planning on bringing back former hosts for the series finale, they can count Mariah Carey out!

The 45-year-old pop icon absolutely torched the Fox reality competition show while appearing on Australian radio program, Kyle and Jackie O.

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Asked if she'd potentially return for the show's final season Mariah responded bluntly, "Hell no. Absolutely not," continuing, "That was the worst experience of my life."

The pop star then suggested that her highly-publicized feud with Nicki Minaj was mostly an invention of the show.

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"I don't think they had any intention for us to have a good experience doing that show," said Mariah. "Pitting two females against each other wasn't cool. It should have been about the contestants instead of about some non-existant feud that turned into even more ridiculousness."

"I would never want to be involved with it again," she continued.

Mariah did not stop there, going on to call the long-running show "so boring and fake, I'm sorry."

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"You have to make up things to say about people," she continued. "Half the time if the performances were good, you just want to say it's good."

You can listen to the interview below. The Idol bashing starts at about 8:15.

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When speaking to ET about her rumored feud with Nicki Minaj back in 2013 -- while still an Idol judge -- Mariah took a much softer tone.

"This is a very passionate panel," she said. "I think there are a lot of strong personalities and, starting this process, I thought it was a possibility there could be differences of opinions. The fighting is what it is. This is American Idol, it's bigger than all that. It's bigger than some stupid, trumped-up thing. It's about the next superstar."

Sounds like those feelings are over!

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Anyway, it's not like Mariah doesn't have plenty to do with her ongoing Vegas residency.