Jack & Jack want fans to embrace their inner crazy

Jack and Jack
Jack and Jack

Imagine a dynamic duo with the humor of Jimmy Fallon, the swagger of Justin Bieber, the empathy of Taylor Swift and the pipes of Sam Smith. Cue Jack Gilinsky, 18, and Jack Johnson, 19, otherwise known as Jack & Jack on Vine.

Jack & Jack have been BFFs since kindergarten, aka they have the cutest bromance ever. For all class clowns out there, here's some good news: the two harnessed their classroom antics into a series of Vines that completely destroyed the social media game.

During their senior year of high school, after only 18 months in the Vine world, Jack & Jack became the role models, comic relief, crushes and inspirations to over 5 million loyal fans. They also developed a growing YouTube channel with 6 million viewers, and have 11 original songs on iTunes and Billboard charts. Their fanbase mostly consists of high school students who appreciate the relatable humor and awe-inspiring tunes these two powerhouses produce.

Jack & Jack credit their crazy, energetic and supportive fans for their success. They love performing live, and they live for every noisy second of it.

Jack J. says, "It's awesome because the fans are just crazy. In a good way you know, they're so loud and they're so supportive, and it shows."

Jack G., on the other hand, appreciates the social media love the dreamy duo receive. He loves when fans retweet and favorite every single tweet by any means. So basically you should plan to skip class any time Jack & Jack throw a tweet into the cyber world. Obviously making them go viral is way more important than reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" or whatever it is people do in high school these days. Just look at double J -- clearly success comes in less-than-conventional forms.

The two emphasize the fact that their relationship with their fans is mutual. Fans support them by retweeting, sharing and giving them hella likes. They took a page from TSwift and reward fans by interacting with them on social media. Jack J. says:

"It's really a great relationship we have with our fans and we love social media for making it so easy to interact with them and thats kind of what we've built our brand around so its awesome, you know, they really are a part of like who we are."This time last year, the Jacks were sitting in the classroom learning algebra, making decisions about college, daydreaming about the weekend and even stressing over the typical petty social drama that inflicts every high schooler's life. Look at them now.

While the Jacks enjoy a good laugh and always stray from taking themselves too seriously, the duo wants to set a positive example for their fans. Jack & Jack's relationship epitomizes healthy and loyal friendship. They want their fans to see their Vine interactions and see what it means to be a true friend.

They also want to inspire fans to chase their dreams. Whether they want to become doctors, politicians, musicians or social stars who gain fame and fortune ripping on pop culture and spinning humor from their daily encounters. No dream is too far-fetched if you embrace your inner crazy. Take a lesson from the Jacks: as long as you have supportive fans by your side, you can achieve virtually (so punny) anything.

Click through this slideshow to see just a hint of the plethora of social media love Jack & Jack receive:

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