Jack & Jack discuss the throwback vibe in their latest music video

Jack and Jack's Huge Impact on Their Fans' Lives
Jack and Jack's Huge Impact on Their Fans' Lives

Mix retro with just a little bit of cheese and you get a whole new groove. This was Vine stars Jack & Jack's goal in creating their latest and greatest music video for their hit single "Groove."

Let's talk about the dancing in this video for a hot sec. The Jacks throw it back to the groovy 70s in the video, and that includes the moves. You don't want to miss out on their epic pelvic thrusts, arm rolls, and step-togethers (think your first seventh grade slow dance). When we chatted with the guys, they explained that the video, just like all of their Vines, shows off their sense of humor. Jack G. said:

"we wanna show our fans and people who may not know us that we don't always take ourselves so seriously. "Groove" is just a great example of that because when we were making that song and when we were making the music video, we had that cheesy grin on our faces and we were like 'man the fans are gonna like this because it kinda shows our humor.'"

The crazy trippy visuals only add to the hilarious retro vibe of the video. It'd be pretty tricky to think of a color that isn't featured here. Apparently, achieving the effect wasn't as difficult as it looks. Jack J. said:

"'Groove' was awesome because honestly that was probably the easiest music video we shot. We literally just set up a green screen in our house and our videographer shot us on the green screen... It only took us like an hour to film our part and then the rest was just post production."

As if we didn't love the dynamic duo enough for their hilarious Vines and gimmicky tunes. Just picture the BFFs casually working the running man to the beat of their own song one Saturday afternoon. Apparently it really does only take two to tango. The two clearly took their lyrics to heart and "let loose."

When it all comes down to it, the Jacks just want to have fun. The fact that they're really good at having fun and are able to earn money and fans for it is just icing on the cake. Check out the "Groove" video to see just how genuine their humor and good nature is - it might just make you want to dance along.

Now for some exciting news! Up next, the Jacks will release a 4-5 song album EP. You've been anticipating new music, and they're excited to deliver. Look forward to awesome new tracks accompanied by cool music videos this summer!

Click through this slideshow to see just how much the fans love Jack & Jack:

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