Honor society revokes student's position over her attire

Honor Society Revokes Student's Position Over Her Attire
Honor Society Revokes Student's Position Over Her Attire

A junior at a Florida high school was stripped of her position as the historian of the National Honor Society because of what she wore to her election speech.

"They were tallying the votes which I won ... I was later told that I had my position revoked because of what I was wearing," Cameron Boland told FOX News.

What Boland wore during that interview with FOX News is what she wore during her speech.

Although it is not entirely clear which part of the dress code Boland broke, the Lee County School District's dress code forbids "tops and outfits that provide minimum coverage."

The code also says any violation will first result in a verbal warning and the student's guardians will be contacted. Boland's mother says neither happened.

The speech was held after hours at another school in the district, so there could have been some confusion about what attire would be allowed.

"With it being an extracurricular activity and event, I didn't feel the need to comply to any of their school dress codes," Boland told WINK.

Boland asked if she could put her jacket on and re-approach the podium, but that wasn't an option. Boland's mother says it could've been handled differently.

"The decision was made after the election -- not when she entered the room, not when she approached the podium, not when she gave her speech and not when the election was held," Boland's mother said.

WZVN reports the school district said: "This was a decision among the NHS advisors from each school, including that of their own advisor at Ft. Myers High School. ... The decision to reinstate would likewise be a decision among NHS advisors."

There is no word yet on if or when the National Honor Society advisors are planning to meet again.

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