Heron pays a surprise visit to the British prime minister's home

Heron Pays A Surprise Visit To British Prime Minister's Home
Heron Pays A Surprise Visit To British Prime Minister's Home

Number 10 Downing Street is the office and official residence of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron.

While typically limited to official staff and visiting dignitaries, one very eager bird recently decided to pop in for a visit.

On Thursday morning government advisor Ramsay Jones posted a photo of a giant heron perched atop the house's open front door.

A follow-up tweet revealed that the bird made its way to the floor and did a bit of investigating before taking off.

As herons are big fans of water, it's suspected that after leaving 10 Downing Street the bird headed towards the Thames River.

A question was raised concerning how the bird was able to get past both the home's heavy security and Larry, the prime minister's cat.

According to Jones, "It probably flew. It could probably fly over the gates and the security – although Larry was nowhere to be seen, terrible eh?"

He also noted that the guards don't really have much training in dealing with herons.

They were, however, said to have treated the bird "calmly and professionally."

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