Ducklings are saved after getting stuck in OKC storm drain

Ducklings Saved After Getting Stuck in OKC Storm Drain
Ducklings Saved After Getting Stuck in OKC Storm Drain

OKLAHOMA CITY —It was a tense couple of hours near a storm drain in north Oklahoma City after five
ducklings became trapped underground.

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"I feel a little protective and a little helpless," said Denis Hughes, a volunteer with the Safe Haven Animal Rescue. "They're right there, and you can see them and you want to comfort them and you can't ... you can't get to them."

Hughes and a friend found the stranded ducklings after someone noticed them fall into a drain Wednesday in 16000 block of North May Avenue.

"My fear is that they'll be washed away before we can even get to them," Hughes said.

Her fears were calmed after a call to OKC Animal Welfare was made.

An animal welfare agent showed up with a net. Eventually a sewer cover was popped open and a net was lowered to rescue the ducklings.

Hughes even managed to save three of the five ducklings herself.

"It was a feeling of complete joy," she said. "Animals are animals and they can't always take care of themselves. They need human intervention, and that's why we're here."

The ducklings are being cared for by vets with Wild Care in Oklahoma City.

OKC Animal Welfare said this is the third group of ducklings rescued this week. Two other groups were rescued from under a building near Council Road and Reno Avenue.