Ann Coulter tells Jorge Ramos, 'Americans should fear immigrants more than ISIS'

Ann Coulter Goes On Anti-Immigration Rant
Conservative political commentator, Anee Coulter, appeared on 'America with Jorge Ramos' where she stunned the Fusion live studio audience with her hateful comments and inhumanity.

She argued that Americans should "fear immigrants" from Mexico "more than ISIS" and she did not stop there:
"If you don't want to be killed by ISIS, don't go to Syria. If you don't want to be killed by a Mexican, there's nothing I can tell you," Coulter said.

Later, a member of the studio audience stood and revealed that she has lived in the United States for more than two decades and offered Coulter a hug "as a sign of my humanity." Coulter laughed and said she wouldn't today. "I'm suffering from the worst flu I've ever had," she said.

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Twitter reacts to Ann Coulter 'Americans should fear immigrants more than ISIS'
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Ann Coulter tells Jorge Ramos, 'Americans should fear immigrants more than ISIS'
Ann Coulter wins hate speech award: immigrants are worse than ISIS. C'mon Ann, US is a proud nation of immigrants
What percentage of the #Republican party do you think agrees with #AnnCoulter when she says "#Immigrants are more dangerous than #ISIS"? #p2
#AnnCoulter is a petrified White lowlife POS who lacks the creativity it takes to sell her book. #JorgeRamos has EXCELLENT composure.
#AnnCoulter We,Latinos, are trying to get an education. Unlike all those Americans who are living off their pensions in the streets begging.
#AnnCoulter is an attention starved performance artist. she doesn't have to believe it, she just has to sell it. @LeslieMarshall
But don't tell #AnnCoulter. She'll tell us how dangerous this graduate is.
I fear people like #AnnCoulter more than ISIS and Al Quieda. Racism stills exists. Wake up society.
just watched @jorgeramosnews' interview with a xenophobic clown. 👻🇺🇸 #AnnCoulter #AnnsAmerica
Journos of America: Stop giving #AnnCoulter a platform! She's just a troll, nothing more. #AnnsAmerica
Showdown! #AnnCoulter vs #JorgeRamos "Adios America":Turning America into a third world hellhole.

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