A texting bromance starring Nat Wolff and John Green

A Texting Bromance, Starring Nat Wolff and Author John Green
A Texting Bromance, Starring Nat Wolff and Author John Green

While we may believe that Nat Wolff earned lead roles in "The Fault in Our Stars" and upcoming "Paper Towns" because of his raw talent, the truth is that he and author of both books-turned-movies John Green share a budding bromance.

Just kidding. Wolff really is extremely talented and crushed it as Isaac, the comic relief character who pines for his shallow ex-girlfriend, in "The Fault in Our Stars." However, Green and Wolff have indeed developed a very close friendship. In a recent video for Teen Vogue's The Cover, the two jokingly exploit their "complicated relationship" in "A Texting Bromance."

The video satirizes modern-day relationships by showing the two men texting back and forth in the typical manner in which millennials tend to text their romantic interests. The texting conversation starts with small talk. Wolff's "What's happening?" is met with Green's "Just binging on 'Friday Night Lights,' you?"

It seems cordial enough, but of course when Wolff tries to initiate plans to "grab a bite later," Green shuts him down in favor of "a little me time." Wolff gets offended by this, and insists on seeing Green later that night. Wolff's insistence is met with deafening silence.

The two conclude the conversation by declaring "Okay" their new "Always," which touches on a joke between the two lead characters (at the expense of Wolff's character) in "The Fault in Our Stars."

The bros get a bit more serious about their work together in their Teen Vogue interviews about "Paper Towns," which comes out on July 24. "I've never met anyone as generous as Nat Wolff," Green said. "When I was Nat's age (20), I was pretty self-centered and focused only on my needs, but Nat is uncommonly empathetic. He's kind, he's grounded, and he really cares about his parents and his brother, Alex. Nat doesn't necessarily look like the traditional Hollywood leading man, but I think that's why he's the future. He's not closed off. He's not larger than life. He's a deeply caring and totally human person—and none of it is an act. You can't fake that stuff."

Green goes on to explain that Wolff's character was written with Wolff in mind:

"I wrote Paper Towns from the perspective of Quentin, and I saw everything from his outlook. While filming, Ben, Radar, or Lacey could surprise me—but Q had to be as I'd imagined him or I was going to be disappointed. And every single day of the entire movie shoot, Nat was Q as I imagined him. I hear these stories about what film sets are like, with big personalities clashing. On The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns, I never saw any of that, and i really think it's because we all followed Nat's lead. He has an amazing career in front of him. I'm so excited to watch him find his way—as a person and as an actor—as he gets older. I want to go to his wedding. I want to meet his children someday. I will be rooting for Nat for the rest of my life."

Wolff stars alongside model, actress, and #eyebrowsonfleek inspiration Cara Delevigne in "Paper Towns." Wolff's grounded and compassionate personality mixed with Delevigne's strikingly cool demeanor should make for a pretty awesome movie. We'll be sure to check it out on July 24!

Click through this slideshow to see pictures of Green and Wolff alongside the casts of both films:

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