5 struggles of adjusting to post-college life

What Are You Going to Do After You Graduate?
What Are You Going to Do After You Graduate?

Graduating from college is a proud, exciting, sad, and absolutely terrifying time in any youngster's life. You're suddenly ripped from the comfortable oasis of hilarious friends, freshly mowed lawns, satisfying night life on Greek Row, and lots of late night drunchies and thrown into a pool of strangers and taxes. However, you can also view this change in your lifestyle as refreshing and motivating.

Some people were born to thrive in the real world and can't wait to get started. Regardless, the adjustment period is tricky for everyone. Here are five major struggles all college students have to tackle upon graduating.

1. Feeding yourself.

Depending on what college you went to, the most difficult goodbye after four amazing years is the one to the dining hall or to your favorite takeout restaurant. The real world requires real money. You can't get away with swiping your magical ID card and being rewarded with all-you-can-eat greasy goodness.

You somehow have to figure out how to cook for yourself now despite the fact that your only previous experience with an oven included bagel bites. You also have to keep in mind that the free gym vanishes as soon as you cross that graduation stage, so you better adjust to a diet that doesn't require constant exercise.

2. The job hunt.

In college, you didn't have to know what you wanted to do with your life. You were rewarded for being "brave" enough to admit not knowing your path. While "free spirit" is a praised term in college, it merely translates as "unemployed" in the real world.

You now have to choose a career, prove that you're better than all other candidates despite having no experience and not even being sure that you want to work in that particular field, and dedicate your life, at least for right now, to that somewhat impulsive decision.

3. Decorating/ "adulting" the apartment.

The words "keep calm and drink on" are no longer appropriate to adorn the walls of your grown up apartment. You now need to worry about throw pillows, curtains, and elegant vases. Never heard of a table book? You'll soon be an expert.

4. Dressing appropriately.

The people in your office probably won't appreciate your strolling into a morning meeting rocking your relaxed college look: flip flops, sweatpants, and your favorite "Beat Cornell" T-shirt complete with wet ware and chipped nail polish.

As a real person, you'll need to invest in boring old person clothes. Don't be surprised if you find yourself in panty hose someday soon.

5. Night life.

Now that the bouncer at your school's local bar finally knows you well enough to let you cut the line on Saturday nights, you're back to square one. You unfortunately have to explore multiple bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and clubs before you find the right fits for you to frequent.

The ordeal can be exhausting and frustrating, but eventually you will find your new local niche. Just stay patient, open, and excited and you'll soon be fitting into your new life without a hitch.

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