5 reasons why Hillary Clinton is a cool presidential candidate

Hillary Clinton Is a Cool Chick
Hillary Clinton Is a Cool Chick

Oh Hillary... You have such a way with words. One of Clinton's recent slogans, "I'm not just any presidential candidate, I'm a cool presidential candidate", it just really gets us realizing that she is pretty cool. 'Lil Hil's been able to see plenty of fads make their way through society. Come on America, let's face it! By now, Hillary knows a thing or two about being cool.

Here are 5 reasons why Hillary is a cool presidential candidate:

1. She has 7 decades of dance moves under her belt. When it comes to hitting the dance floor, she won't be shy. Just be aware she's got some skills. Hillary has been around to see dance evolve. She can do the Freddie, the mashed potato, the bump, the cabbage patch, the worm, the dougie... the list goes on. Don't ask her to be in a twerk off because you will be sure to lose. Yeah Hillary, show her how to do the Wobble!

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2. She has her own email account. I mean yeah, she's been getting a little bit of negative publicity about that, but c'mon, Hillary has to have a personal life too! Hillary is like, mad popular. Just ask Justin Bieber.

3. Hillary supports everyone. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, gay, straight, human, fish, or animal. HILLARY HAS GOT YOUR BACK. Here's Hillary meeting with a squirrel. Hillary takes the time out of her day to meet with even the tiniest of people. That's the characteristic of a true leader. I wish I was friends with Hillary. I'd even settle for the squirrel.

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4. Whenever you ask her a yes or a no question, she will always give you a direct answer. Can anyone tell me if that is a yes, no, or if she just saw Molly?

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5. Her love for Bill is unconditional. I would say it's like that of a fairy tale. She not afraid of a little PDA! That's her man and she doesn't care who knows it. She's in love, she's in love, and she don't care who knows it.

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The 2016 elections are just around the corner, and I have to say Hillary, you impress me. Now when I look at you I see America standing with a bigger, better, brighter future.

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