What your Facebook posts reveal about your personality

What Your Facebook Posts Reveal About Your Personality
What Your Facebook Posts Reveal About Your Personality

A study out of the U.K. at Brunel University broke down some personality types and got the stats on why we post, how often we post, and what all that stuff says about who we are. It may seem obvious to some, but here's the breakdown:

You know the person that's constantly updating their page with how awesome their accomplishments are or how well their diet and exercise is going? The study says they may have a touch of narcissism and use Facebook for attention and admiration.

On the flip side, we have those folks who rarely post about what they're doing and more about what they're thinking. These people are categorized as intellectual or artsy and use Facebook to share info and ideas and stimulate a conversation.

Speaking of talkers, the extroverts that love being around people and have a bazillion Facebook friends already tend to use most of their posts for social experiences.

Then we got people with high anxiety, and perhaps low self-esteem. The study calls them neurotics and says they're apt to post positive messages about their relationships and might be seeking some validation.

Then there's the organized, hardworking, responsible people on Facebook who rarely post anything.

According to the study, these people are "too busy" living their real lives to post that often. When they do, it's usually stuff about kids and rarely are they seeking attention.

So take a long hard look at what you're doing on Facebook, or who you're stalking on Facebook. You may be able to figure out a lot about someone else, or even yourself.