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FIFA Officials Arrested for Corruption, Indicted by U.S. DOJ
FIFA Officials Arrested for Corruption, Indicted by U.S. DOJ

1. Seven FIFA officials were arrested on corruption charges Wednesday in a very dramatic fashion as Swiss police paid an unannounced visit overnight as officials gathered for an election. 14 people have been indicted by the United States, though only 7 were arrested during the raid at the luxury hotel in Zurich. Read more here.

2. Though the worst storms have started to move on, the floods in Oklahoma and Texas continue to wreak havoc on its inhabitants, and the search is still on for about a dozen people who have been reported missing. Read more here.

3. In yet another data breach, the IRS just revealed that hackers used their website to steal information on 104,000 people as part of an elaborate scheme to claim fraudulent tax refunds. Read more here.

4. Rick Santorum is announcing his intentions to run for the 2016 Republican nomination for President, and though he surprised everyone with his success in 2012, he isn't expected to fare as well this time around. Read more here.

5. Colorado theater shooter James Holmes described an "obsession to kill" since childhood in an old notebook. "Most fools will mistake correlation for causation," Holmes wrote. "The message is there is no message." The trial has just shifted as prosecutors are now focused on the shooter rather than the act itself. Read more here.