Today in history: May 27th

Today in History for May 27th
Today in History for May 27th

May 27th, 1937: The newly-completed Golden Gate Bridge opens to the public -- connecting San Francisco and Marin County, California. Louis Reggiardo helped build the famous suspension bridge.

1999: A U.N. tribunal in the Netherlands indicts Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and four of his aides for war crimes in Kosovo. Two years later, Milosevic is arrested and handed over to the tribunal. In 2006, he's found dead in his prison cell, while still on trial.

1941: During World War Two, the British Navy sinks Nazi Germany's battleship Bismarck off the coast of France.

1936: The Queen Mary -- one of the world's great ocean liners -- leaves England on its maiden voyage. The ship, part of the Cunard line, is now retired ... serving as a hotel and conference center in Long Beach, California.

And, 1995: Actor Christopher Reeve is paralyzed when he's thrown from his horse during an equestrian event in Charlottesville, Virginia. Reeve -- best known for playing Superman on the silver screen -- dies more than nine years later.