Simon Cowell's fat-shaming comment infuriates audiences

Simon Cowell Insults Singers Live on Stage
Simon Cowell Insults Singers Live on Stage

Simon Cowell is no stranger to shocking audiences with snarky remarks. As the former resident "mean" judge on American Idol, he earned himself a reputation that is less than warm and fuzzy.

His latest snide comment on live television is shocking even the most seasoned American Idol fans for it's offensiveness. On the latest "Britain's Got Talent" episode, Cowell may have finally pushed audiences past their limits. Girl band Honeybuns performed a stellar version of Wilson Phillip's hit "Hold On," but when cameras turned to Cowell he remarked that the band Little Mix already exists, so these ladies would be "Big Mix" in reference to their bodies.

While the Honeybuns said his remarks didn't ruin their night, Twitter was outraged at his body-shaming comments. Cowell tweeted about his approval to the Honeybuns regardless of the incident.

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