Lies pop culture told you about life as a twenty-something

Expectations Vs. Reality of Being in Your 20s
Expectations Vs. Reality of Being in Your 20s

1. You're going to live in an adorable and spacious NYC apartment that you can totally afford with your salary as a waitress/struggling artist.

Um, no. Most millennials with starting salaries can't afford to live in Manhattan at all. Those who can afford Manhattan live in very cramped spaces, often without air conditioning or a common room.

Ever heard of a flex wall? Move to NYC in your twenties and you'll learn all about them.

2. You will spend all day hanging out at a local coffee shop with your crew.

There are four major issues with this fantasy:

- You probably can't afford to buy coffee from a café every day.

- Most coffee shops are crowded with limited space, so finding seats for your whole crew would be a struggle.

- You have to find a solid crew before you can start hanging out with its members every day.

- Even if you don't have a job (which makes the first problem extra problematic), someone in your crew probably does and won't have time to hang all day.

3. You will meet cute guys who ask you out at work, at bars, at the gym, at a cafe or in the grocery store.

Meet cutes in the real world aren't all that cute.

%shareLinks-quote="Most people meet online because millennials these days just don't go up to people they find attractive and prompt spontaneous conversation." type="spreadWord"%

Of course, there are a few exceptions. There's always going to be that girl who seems to meet guys effortlessly in a consistent flow. However, the majority of us can't rely on old-fashioned courting gestures. Instead, we take to Tinder and

4. If you got good grades at a prestigious college, you will land your dream job.

Sorry, no. Even if you graduated top of your class, you're competing with the top of the class from every school out there. Not to mention those who were the top of their class the year before you and the year before that.

There are only so many positions requiring recent college grads to fill. You'll likely apply to at least twenty jobs before even getting an interview for one.

There's nothing more annoying than being told you don't have enough experience for a certain position. How are we supposed to get experience if you won't give us a job?!

5. If the guy you're seeing has flaws, you should let him go. Plenty of other fish in the sea.

Obviously if you really don't like this guy, there's no point in dating him. If he offends you, disrespects you, or treats you poorly, you definitely don't have to put up with that.

However, if you don't like the way he leaves his shirt untucked or how he raises his voice when he's overly excited, maybe try to work through it.

You're not going to find Mr. Perfect because he's either already taken or has a major ego problem.

Really think about what you want at this point in your life before doing anything rash. The loud guy just might be perfect for you right now.

6. If you find a guy you totally vibe with who respects you and shares your values, he's "the one." You're obviously going to marry him.

Our twenties is a time in our lives when we question everything, learn more about ourselves, and constantly evolve to fit our new desires, passions, or needs.

This can make dating complicated. The guy you fell in love with at 23 might not be the same by the time you're 28. Or he might be exactly the same but no longer right for you.

Timing is everything with young love. The dating game can be very exciting or very depressing. Don't assume "the one right now" will remain "the one" in a few years from now.

7. If you hit up all the trendiest clubs and hang with fabulous people, you will feel happy and fulfilled.

Clubbing can be both boring and exhausting. Is it really that fun to be surrounded by sweaty strangers grinding up on you while you fight for the bartender's attention? The same goes for fancy restaurants and rooftop lounges.

The glamorous life isn't for everyone and doesn't guarantee happiness. Maybe you'd prefer hanging out in your cramped Brooklyn walk-up with a group of besties watching shows about the glamorous life rather than living it.

8. If you don't post it on Instagram, it didn't happen.

Yes it did! Despite what our social feeds tell us, the world doesn't need to know everything you eat, every sweet moment you share with your significant other, or every night out you spend with the girls.

If you're just doing it for the Insta, don't. Cliché as it sounds, life is far too short to manifest your experiences in "likes."

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