'Extreme Weight Loss:' Twins shed weight and a painful past

'Extreme Weight Loss:' Twins Shed Weight and a Painful Past
'Extreme Weight Loss:' Twins Shed Weight and a Painful Past

On the season premiere of "Extreme Weight Loss," we met Raymond and Robert Delgado, 26-year-old twin brothers from Missouri who were desperate to shed their weight, as well as the pain of their past.

Raymond and Robert's mother was sent to prison when they were just 13 years old, and almost immediately after, their father packed up his things and abandoned them and their three sisters.

"We got the girls together, and we sat down and made sure that we knew that we weren't gonna tell anybody that it happened and that no one was at our house except for us," said Raymond Delgado on "Extreme Weight Loss."

The twins decided to get jobs mowing lawns so they could pay the bills, buy groceries and take care of their family on their own.

But in the process of raising their sisters, Raymond and Robert forgot to take care of themselves.

By the time they reached out to Chris Powell for help, Raymond weighed 378 pounds, and Robert clocked in at 381 pounds.

But little did they know, Chris was about to change their lives, both physically and emotionally, forever over the course of 365 days of hard work.

The twins went through a lot during their weight loss journey, including injuries, being separated from each other for the first time in their lives and, eventually, confronting their father.

"We needed you to be there with us, we needed you to be there for us, we needed you to take care of us. We didn't have that. We went from kids to adults. We didn't have a childhood," said Raymond.

But after 12 grueling months, Raymond and Robert were ecstatic to show their friends and family their brand-new selves.

"The two of you combined lost 342 pounds," said Chris Powell.

You hear that right — at the final weigh-in, Raymond clocked in at 213 pounds, a whopping 165 pounds less than he was at the beginning of the year.

And Robert did even better. He weighed in at 204 pounds at the finale, an astounding 177 pounds less than he once was.

Fans of the show on Twitter were just as shocked as we were by Raymond and Robert's incredible transformations. One user even called it "the most amazing episode by far."

And the twins hope their success story can be an inspiration for others. Robert told The Joplin Globe, "You don't have to be a victim of the circumstances you were raised in. You can still come out on top."

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